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It is formed from a group of members of the Cadet Party - ethnic Kazakhs, formed during the events of 1905. At the First All-Kazahk Congress held in Orenburg on July 21-28, 1917, the organizational registration of the Alash Party took place.

Libraries in Kazakhstan will make leisure centers

In addition to reading them may appear cinemas and children's rooms. To all this serve, staff library sphere will be special training. Prospects for the development of libraries, experts discussed at the first enlarged meeting of the arts council. Among the issues - acquisition of funds, material and technical base, as well as the training of young cadres. Now there are more than 11 thousand libraries. For six months the total number of visitors exceeded the previous year and amounted to more than a million people.

Future professionals. Kazakhstan's economy requires professionals practical professions

Currently, Kazakhstan's growing economy requires professionals practical professions, people with deep knowledge of the laws of nature, engineering and technology. Highly qualified personnel were and are in demand. Education function requires students to continuously improve their knowledge. Qualitative and fast access to information becomes a crucial factor for successful learning. There is a need in the books, articles and other documents that contain specific information. In this library can help. 27 January 2016.